It is hard to say when our relationship began to end. And the causes and conditions of that ending are equally hard to pick out, at least to me. But at some point in time, the love that had been so strong and bright began to dull and then the last morning came.

“Would you like to go to a movie tonight”, I asked her in the false bright tone I seemed to be using for all our conversations lately. She paused briefly, and said, “we are breaking up.” Time stopped for me, breath stopped. And I had a wonderful opportunity to experience the breakup moment. I zoomed past that moment of clear light to the whirl of fear and regret and loss and hurt and howling pain that comes along with the bardo of breaking up. She picked up the few things she had left behind (well not all of them – there were other things that I seemed to be continuously bumping into like land mines in the weeks to come) and walked out the door.

“You will learn to enjoy the spaciousness of being single,” she told me. I didn’t want to believe her. I didn’t want the spaciousness of being single.  In the early hours I wanted to take refuge in my pain. My friends surrounded and supported me and made the appropriate clucking sounds. My aunt suggested a vacation would be a good idea, yet I kept telling myself, “you don’t need a vacation. You need to see yourself in a new light.”


The Dark Knights Rises has hit the screen, verdicts are out and comments showed up like batsignals lighting up the skies…and they’re not all good. I haven’t seen it yet though but critics are saying it is a mighty good film, the thing is, The Dark Knight was so good, it is impossible to match its greatness, much more beat it all thanks to the late Heath Ledger’s performance as the disturbed and menacing Joker.

In the third and final installment of the Dark Knight series, Tom Hardy plays the role of Bane, a villain Batman should be worried everytime he goes into action at night because he’s the only one who matches up with size, skills and brain-wise, it’s like facing your own reflection. Unfortunately, Hardy is no Ledger and The Dark Knight Rises is not The Dark Knight. Well, Marvel 1, DC 0 on this one.

I am no New York Knicks fan, in fact I root for every team based in California especially the Clippers, they’re so good right now but I must admit that my attention, amongst the millions who love everything basketball, was taken by the emergence of Jeremy Lin.

Lin made the world buzzing and the NBA, overshadowed sometimes by American football, has skyrocketed (skyrocketed, we’ll get to that later) in terms of popularity when Lin made his amazing run as the Knicks’ starting point guard. Winning games after games for the team without their main superstars, Jeremy Lin became a household name like a rocketbooster (we’ll get to that again).

That is why I don’t understand what the Knicks’ management are thinking and maybe drinking when they decided not to match Lin’s contract offered by Houston Rockets (there). It’s such a waste to let go of someone who has a lot of potential and going for Felton instead, really? Anyways, I wish the kid all the best, now soar the skies like a rocket, well as a Rocket next season.

For many years now, I have been searching for the perfect way to alleviate or reduce the pain in my neck. No matter how long I sleep, I always wake up sore because of the irritating pain. Sometimes, I get a double whammy because aside from neck pain, I also wake up with a headache! I’m sure some of you have had the same experience and understand what I am trying to say.

Anyway, after hearing about pillows for neck pain from one of my friends, I decided to get one for myself. At that point, I was willing to try anything just so all the irritating and agonizing pain I was feeling in my neck would go away. I was not expecting exceptional results, so I was surprised when after a few days of use; I began to feel the pain gradually subside. The pillow did wonders for me!

It helped that I had a guide for choosing the best pillow for neck pain; that I knew exactly what I was looking for. My friend told me to look for a pillow that offered good neck and head support and one that conformed to the natural sleeping position. With good neck and head support, the spine will be properly aligned. And as a result, pressure from the neck and shoulders are lessened.

Likewise, it is important to consider how firm a pillow is. Although there is no ideal or standard firmness level to follow, it is advisable to try out just how firm a pillow is. This is an important comfort level factor. I tried out several pillows and although there were some that provided good support for my neck and shoulders, they were not as firm as I wanted them to be. I chose the one with which I felt most comfortable lying on.

Aside from buying the best pillow for neck pain, I was also advised to change my sleeping position. Originally, I slept with two pillows under my head. I was told that this was wrong; one pillow will do as this is the best way to get optimal support for the neck and head, as well as proper alignment of the spine. If this is achieved, it won’t matter whether you sleep on your back or stomach or on your side, you still get to sleep comfortably, and you wake up without feeling any pain.

I live in a studio type flat. A really small one. The space is just enough for me, but I wanted to separate my living room from my dining area, and my kitchen from my bedroom. I decided to find creative solutions to come up with the divisions I wanted. I decided to go shopping for room dividers or room divider screens.

Room screens like these are ideal for people who live in small apartments or studios like me. Aside from creating areas, dividers also help make small rooms look larger. Also, dividers can highlight a particular area of your room or home. If you have a book collection, you can put a room divider screen in the area of your room that houses your bookshelf. This will make it easier for your visitors to identify the area or space.

Homemakers who want to keep their homes in tiptop shape often use room dividers to store away the toys and other what-have-yous of their kids. Some homemakers use the dividers to add some light into a particular room.

For my part, I used the room screens I bought for two reasons: to identify the areas of my apartment and to add to the aesthetic value of my home. I decided to go for room dividers made of wood because I found some that were not only good bargains, but also well-made and creatively decorated. Perfect for my purpose!

Before I chose the beautiful wood room dividers that are now standing magnificently in my flat, I first had to decide on what type of divider I wanted to get. I had to choose from permanent dividers, improvised ones, and flexible dividers.

The permanent ones were not what I needed as they were not really full dividers. They could only cover half of the height and width of the areas I wanted to divide. If you want permanent dividers, you can use them for your bedroom and study or work area. You can divide the bedroom into two areas by using a permanent divider. Since permanent dividers leave some space open, you can use the wall for storing your books. Build a small wall bookshelf that complements your permanent divider.

Improvised room dividers simply pertain to the things you have in your home that you can use as dividers. Plants or plant boxes, cupboards, and shelves can be used as room dividers. I used an improvised divider to create a division between my kitchen and dining area by using my small kitchen cabinet cum counter as the divider.

I bought flexible wood divider screens because they are made of excellent materials and provide just the right cover I wanted. Flexible dividers can be made of a variety of materials aside from wood. There are Japanese flexible dividers, paper screens, fiber glass sticks, and other creative variations. I added a little hand painting to my wood room dividers because I wanted a touch of myself in them. It worked well as they now have distinctive characteristics that have made many of my visitors envious.

Having a small apartment should not stop you from creating the kind of home environment that you want. With the help of room dividers, anything is possible!